Winged Eyeliner Tutorial


The first thing you need to decide when creating your winged liner is what product you feel most comfortable using. Liquid, Gel, pencil or powder. The easiest to use would defiantly be a powder paired with an angled brush. This is best if you are looking to achieve a very natural wing. It’s the easiest because the brush shape creates the angle for you. This method gives you a soft sultry effect. The benefit of this method is that you can use any eye shadow you have at home.

Flip the brush so that the bigger side is closest to your eye. I pressed it against my skin and stamped it down.

I loaded my brush again and flipped the brush working the shadow inward along my lash line. Important to note, I did not close my eye. This is something that most people do when trying to do their liner, however when you close your eye, you’re not only limiting your vision but you’re not getting the right idea of where your wing end.

Gel. This method can intimidate most, however…you’re only a makeup wipe away from starting over! When using gel, we favor a skinny thin haired brush. The first step is loading the brush. When loading, gently saturate both sides and wipe off the access on the inside tip of the jar. This makes the liner brush even skinnier. I like to use a hand mirror at a table or desk so you can steady your elbow on the surface. This way your hand will not shake as you’re applying the product. I arch my eye brows and look down into the mirror. I place my brush where my upper and lower eyelid meet.

With my elbow steady on the table I slowly and lightly drag my brush in and upward diagonal motion until you reach the length you desire. Then I take my brush and place it In the middle of the line I just created (not at the tip of the wing!) and start dragging inwards just moving the brush, not my whole arm.

I load my brush with my gel product again and continue working the product inward toward my inner corner. Sometimes it’s necessary to flip your brush flat as you get closer to the pupil of your eye.

Liquid. Proceed with caution. Only kidding!! This method is very similar to a gel. When you’re using a liquid, you don’t need a brush because the product you’re using will come with an applicator. Whether it be a felt tip, a sponge tip or a brush. When using a liquid liner, instead of resting my elbow on the table I like to rest my palm on my cheek. This allows you to use more of a flicking motion then a pulling motion that you used with a gel. Place your applicator where your upper and lower lash line meet. I begin making light strokes in an upward direction to create a diagonal line. (upward dashes).

Again important to note, don’t pull or close your eye. To get a better line of sight tilt your chin upward and look down into your mirror. With liquid I like to make small inward strokes. Don’t feel like you have to accomplish your look in one fluid movement. Smaller strokes give you much more control.

On no! You messed up! Its ok, we’ve got you covered. Tips to fix your wing. Makeup wipes are your best friend for this step. Take your wipe and wrap it around your pointer finger.

Next clean up your edge by lightly shaping where you want it to be more tapered. Also you can also go back to your trusty black shadow and angled brush to defuse and mistakes and pat the product on top of where your liner and skin meet.

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