How Many Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

FACE Powder Brush: (# 1) is the biggest, dense, round-cut make-up brush in the make-up game. It serves for uniform application of the compact powder all over the face.

Blush Brush: (# 2, # 3, # 6) Most of them look just like the smallest powder brush. It can also be found with the square and bevel cut which provides a more marked application of blush. And No. 6, which I call the peacock’s tail (: x), but everyone calls it a broom, in my humble opinion, is not good for blush, I use it, for example, to clean the area under the eye when dust drop shadow and such. Especially when you work with the black, dark shadow.

Foundation Brush: (# 22) has this gradient cut, is for applying liquid or creamy foundation all over the face. Applying foundation with brush is everything in life. Once you get used to it, it’s millions of times better than applying it with your fingers. The same thing goes for concealer.

Concealer Brush: (# 15 and 16) some even have the same cut and shape, but are smaller than the base brush; the ones in the photo are thin and the 15 has the rounded cut, which in my opinion is better than the 16, the cut is square. It serves to apply concealers and the like in the eye area.

Lips: (# 5): It’s the only one that appears in this picture, but you may end up with other cuts. It serves to outline the lips and apply lipstick or gloss.
Applying eye shadow: (nos. 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 19) wide, flat and rounded, are used for applying eye shadow on the entire moving eyelid.

Charades: (nos. 10 *, 18 and 20), have this diagonal cut and serves to delineate the upper and lower lashes. * No. 10 just not having this cut provides the same effect.

Concave outline: (# 21) How hard it was to find a picture of this brush, creed! It is thinner, fuller, with rounded cut and if you put it aside, it is all round, unlike those for shadow application that are flat, serves to apply shadow on the concave and smudge.

Smudge Shadows: (Nos 12 and 14) have the same shape as the traditional shadow application and also fit the same (and I even classified them as shadow application as well) their only difference to the shadow application ones is that they are fuller, more serene. So they are both for applying shadows and for smudging them.

Little Sponge: (# 17) I see no need to have it, but it’s for shadow application too.

Eyeliner: (# 7) Small and very thin, they say it provides a firm and precise trait, I don’t like it very much, the eraser are very long and for me it doesn’t provide any firmness.
Eyelashes: (# 4) Another one that I see no need to have, after all, applicators already come when we buy the eyelash masks, right? (;Comb / Brush: (# 8) on one side, comb to separate the eyelashes and on the other, a brush to comb the eyebrow.Well guys, that’s it. The main ones we can say.
The ones you need to have: 1 powder, 1 blush, 1 foundation, 1 for shadow application, 1 for concave, 1 for smudging, and 1 for chauffeuring.
I see no need for several, not for those who are not addicted to make, professional and etc. I myself have several for so when I make makes of various colors I don’t have to keep cleaning the brush all the time.

Alê Tip: For the application of powder shadows, give preference to brushes with natural bristles and for shadows in mousse, stick, cream and the like, synthetic bristles, ALWAYS. Synthetic bristles do not absorb product and you do not spend them for nothing.I hope I helped, I tried hard, see?

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