Makeup Bag Must Haves

 Clarins instant light lip oil: Comes in 3 different scents, our favorite is raspberry. It’s a gel formula that isn’t sticky, and is the best way to hydrate your lips on the go. It has a huge doe foot applicator that hugs the lips. You can wear it alone for a sheer tint of color or over something like a liquid lip-pie that has been drying your lips out all day. It’s hard to say what we like better about this product, the feel, or the smell, but it has a permanent spot in our makeup bags. $26

MAC Care blend pressed powder: This powder is SO BEAUTIFUL. How can something as basic as a beige colored powder make our hearts skip a beat? Because this powder has a creamy texture, photographs like skin, doesn’t feel heavy, and gives you coverage. It’s the furthest thing from basic. This is a must have for the girl next door and the pro MUA.  Use the satiny sponge to touch up an oily t zone throughout the day, or a brush to sheer out the coverage. They are not only amazing for setting liquid foundation, but are also great to add warmth to the skin. This powder is jet milled so many times that the grains are so fine, making it not look powdery at all. $27


NARS soft matte complete concealer: This is a full coverage concealer. I repeat. This s a FULL coverage concealer. Its creamy in texture, but not sticky, tacky, or heavy. It’s so easy to sheer out, and it stays put on areas like a pesky blemish. Typically, we run for the hills if something claims to be full coverage and matte, because those things can translate to look very makeupy. Not this guy. It looks so seamless, and way more natural then some sheer concealers on the market today. This is PERFECT as an eyeshadow primer as well. It is relatively new product but has wowed us EVERYTIME we use it, which is why we take it with us everywhere we go. $30


Mascara benefit they’re real!: One of the best things about this mascara is the applicator. Its plastic with flexible little spikes that help grab each lash, and coat them root to tip. Wands like this help define each lash without clumping or flaking. Your search is ova this is the mascara you’ve been searching for.$24

Dior universal brow style: There are thousands of brow products on the market today, in our crazy brow obsessed world. We feel that one is all you need. It comes in two colors. One that’s great for blondes and redheads and a darker shade for brunettes. We love that this takes the guesswork out of finding your shade. Both colors have an ashier undertone, which makes them look natural when applied. BONUS! On the end of this pencil there is a brown comb, to tame and manage those brows. $29

MAC warm soul blush: This blush is everything. It’s a warm, peachy bronze mineralize blush. Mineralize blushes from MAC are baked in an oven when they are made, which makes the product go on very soft. This is great for anyone who is a little heavy handed. It has this bronzy shine, which won’t make you sparkle or glittery, but it will give you a dewy j lo kinda look. Who doesn’t want that amirght? This lives in our makeup bags because you can use this as a blush OR bronzer. It also makes a stunning eyeshadow for an all over warm look. Yay for multipurpose products. This is a great blush to put in your kit if you are a makeup artist because it flatters SO many skin tones, and gives a great natural glow. One of our favorite things about warm soul is that it goes with almost any lip color or eyeshadow look! $28


Makeup forever hd foundation stick: Chances are if you are a makeup junkie like us, you have tried this foundation. If you haven’t, GET IT NOW. Run. This is seriously a game changer. Hands down the best foundation on the market right now. And we say this because ANY skin type can use it, it comes in a wide shade variety, it’s fool proof to use, and it travels well. It’s a medium to full coverage cream stick foundation with a natural almost satin finish. We both have done some pretty cringe worthy things like… not moisturizing, slapping our foundation on in the car…I won’t get into the rest. But seriously even when we were super lazy about it our skin still looked flawless. This foundation ALWAYS works, even when our skin is a hot mess. But wait it gets better… it took us almost 6 months to finish the container. A little goes a LONG way with this. If you are in the market for an easy to use foundation that looks natural and still has coverage this is it people. This. $43

Makeup forever ink liner: Ok so get ready. We have asked all our friends, clients, coworkers… what do you want most out of your makeup. And ALL of them said “I want an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge.” Well my friends, here it is. This liner WILL NOT MOVE. If you have a smaller eye, a hooded eye, an oily eyelid, or just haven’t found “the one” yet. Look no further. After wearing most liners for a few hours most people get that weird semi-circle imprint in your crease because oil from your eye broke down the eyeliner. This will NEVER happen with makeup forever’s ink liner. It laughs in the face of oil. This is the blackest of the black and… doesn’t dry out! It is a liquid liner with a triangle shaped felt applicator that you dip into the well before using. It’s my secret weapon for hiding the lash band on clients wearing false lashes because it dries with a matte finish. Also, if you have blonde eyelashes like us it gets that awkward space most eyeliners can’t get to right at the root of the lash. The shape of the applicator makes winging your liner a piece of cake. $23

The beauty crop pbj smoothie stick: These twist up lip pencils are totes adsorbs. We love that this brand is cruelty free! These pencils taste and smell amazing. They glide on so easy, leaving your lips moisturized with a natural finish and pop of color. What makes this lip pencil a must have is the convenience factor. You don’t have to worry about a sharpener, or a liner. Its s easy, and the colors are all so flattering. This is something we both wear daily, and the low-price point is a bonus! $14.95

No matter what your skill level is these would be a great addition to your makeup bag. Please comment, like or subscribe and let us know if you are a fan of these as well!

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